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  [Employment]   VP Bank tuyển Head of Architect & Security 04/01/2013 13:02:53 (+0700) | #1 | 272426

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Chào các bạn, VP Bank-Ngân hàng TMCP Việt nam Thịnh vượng, cần tuyển vị trí Head of Architecture & Security thuộc Khối CNTT, Hội sở tại Hà Nôi. Mô tả công việc xin xem bên dưới:

Head of Architecture

Provides vision to set the technology direction for the IT organization in a standards-based way, responsible for the development and management of overall IT architecture in VPBank and for entire application and infrastructure health

Key responsibilities


₃ Plan for architecture-development and maintenance related activities and develop a budget accordingly

₃ Also provide input in setting the budget and targets/KPIs for bank-wide cross-cutting IT programs

Day to day activities

₃ Create a comprehensive 3-5 year vision of future state technology for function that incorporates current and upcoming business needs; Map projects to overall vision and build on capabilities as organization and tech. matures; Persuade business on strength of vision to influence tech. direction

₃ Review project solutions; solutions should be standards-based, efficient to deploy and run, and fulfill business objectives

₃ Have deep familiarity with vendor road-map, release schedules, recommended patch/upgrade paths; and leverage relationships with architects and key customers/partners to develop architectural implications for VPBank; Develop strong relationships with vendors development/labs to advise and provide insight into coming changes

₃ Create ongoing/regular release plan for solutions by defining technical standard and architecture roadmaps for key technologies

₃ Be constantly aware of application and infrastructure health in operational environment and prioritization of projects that increase health and stability; Conduct pro-active introspection and health assessments to learn of problems requiring attention; Lead proactive investigations to catch problems before they manifest; Ensure simplification efforts are initiated continually

₃ Engage regularly with operations to understand operational challenges, aid in root-cause problem resolution and drive solutions

₃ Drive IT operations cost reduction ideas while improving application health and simplifying landscape

Management of reporting units
₃ Be responsible for retaining high performers and improving employee satisfaction

₃ Monitor and manage performance through regular performance reviews and deep-dive into problematic areas

₃ Provide leadership and ensure proper development for all direct reports

– Provide direct coaching, mentoring and guidance to immediate reports – Oversee professional development of all individuals in the unit

– Recruit and retain direct reports

₃ 10+ years in deep technical IT roles
₃ 3-5 years in operational environments a strong plus
₃ Program delivery of multiple $1M + projects
₃ 4+ years as architect with solutioning responsibilities
₃ Bachelor’s degree a minimum

₃ Certification for relevant software programs in technical domain or master’s degree are strong pluses

₃ Effective and persuasive communicator

₃ Ability to diagnose operational problems in technical domain

₃ Ability to create broad architectural vision

₃ Infrastructure architect – align resources within domain and oversee performance and compliance with regulations
₃ CIO – govern overall portfolio priorities

₃ BU heads – understand business priorities and problems

₃ IT Service management and PMO – Advise on resourcing of selected projects

₃ Solution architect – align technical vision for domain and operations implications

₃ IT service operations, network and system management Heads – identify areas for cost reduction

Vui lòng gửi CV mới nhất tới email :, hoặc liên lạc theo sdt: 097 995 8886 để biết thêm chi tiết, xin chân thành cảm ơn các bạn và hãy giúp đỡ fwd thông tin này đến những người quan tâm.
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