HVAOnline forum's rules

HVAOnline forum is a non-profit, non-religious, non-politics environment. It is formed to provide a collaborative mean to whom who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences to others. In order to maintain and develop a professional and effective environment, board members should acknowledge that:

1. All board members must adhere to the laws of SR of Vietnam and the residing country.
2. All information on board must not contain violences, sexual references and those violating to Vietnam's custome.
3. All information on board must not contain abusive tones, personal attacks and racial remarks.
4. All information on board must not gear toward political, religous and ethnic discussions.
5. All exchanged information on board must respect copyrights of all forms.
6. All information on board must not use for commercial purposes whatsoever.
7. All information on board must not use for any malicious purposes whatsoever.
8. All registered nicknames contain abusive information will be disabled without warnings.

All discussions must be within information technology boundary and with security focus. All those violated above conditions shall not be accepted.

All board members must have the following responsibilities:

- Adhere to the rules as outlined above.
- Read and acknowledge all the official announcements from the board's administrative members.
- Creating new topics, posting questions and discussing matters in appropriate places.
- Attempt to search for existing information which may be available prior to posting a new question.
- Protect registered nickname (board ticket) and updating personal information (e-mail, contact information) when these are changed.
- Avoid chatting and wandering into off-topic mode within techincal threads.
- Avoid spamming irrelevant questions in topics.
- Avoid advertising at all shapes and forms on board.
- Avoid repeating same questions in several forums.
- Avoid using exessive color, size, emoticons, images... in posts.

All violations to the above conditions will be treated accordingly without prior warnings.
All serious violations would lead to registered account being disabled permanently.
All registered accounts do not login for over six months will be terminated.

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