<![CDATA[Latest posts for the topic "Urgent: 03 Technical Architects:PHP/ Web Development. WrkPlc: HCMC"]]> /hvaonline/posts/list/44.html JForum - http://www.jforum.net Urgent: 03 Technical Architects:PHP/ Web Development. WrkPlc: HCMC No Outsourcing Company Website: www.younetco.com Floor 5, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Buiding, 7/1 Thanh Thai, Dist. 10, HCM ABOUT YOUNET YouNet is a leading Social Network company in the world with own innovative technologies, products, platforms and services. We are looking for talent and motivated candidates who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience in our global expanding. In 2012, we have plan to recruit 100+ positions to serve for fast growing of the company in providing Social Network services to the global. Working with us, you join to a world class expertise company in Social Network. -------------------- YouNet là công ty hàng đầu thế giới về các ứng dụng, dịch vụ, giải pháp về mạng xã hội. Với xu hướng mạng xã hội ngày càng phổ biến và không thể thiếu, YouNet không ngừng phát triển qui mô công ty, sản phẩm, công nghệ cho thị trường thế giới và cả Việt Nam. Năm 2012, YouNet cần hơn 100 vị trí kỹ thuật vào các bộ phận phát triển sản phẩm. YouNet mong muốn hợp tác các bạn yêu thích lĩnh vực MXH cũng như khát khao sáng tạo để đồng hành với YouNet. Một số điểm tiêu biểu về YouNet: - Sản phẩm được sử dụng bởi hơn 4000 mạng xã hội (MXH) trên thế giới. - Phát triển hơn 300 MXH trên thế giới. - Nhiều Facebook Apps phục vụ social marketing: www.media.younetco.com - Phát triển platform tìm kiếm và giúp quảng cáo trên các MXH lĩnh vực hẹp. - Nhiều sản phẩm và công nghệ khác trên MXH. Company Size: 100-499 RECRUITMENT INFORMATION 03 Technical Architects (PHP/ Web Development, Competitive Salary) Job Description As Technical Architect in a leading Social Network company, you are required to work with broad technologies: social, cloud as well as to have strong background with PHP and technical solutions. Working platforms: - Facebook - SocialEngine, phpFox, Dolphin - YouNet platforms: Social Media, Social Ads, Social Search, Social Enterprise Network Based on background and willing, you will work in one of Departments: Solution, Product or R&D/Strategy. Responsibilities: * As Technical Architect, you will analyze and design architecture of the software as well as research for solutions, new technology for large scale web systems. * As Technical Architect, you will support and coach other developers, engineers. * Participate to develop YouNet's related social products and platforms. * Be a member of the YouNet Technical & Product Strategy Committees. Benefits * Working in international and active environment * Working with good agile-based development processes * Opportunities to be promoted to higher positions * Annual bonus salary, annual trip, good health care and social insurance * STOCK PLAN Career Map/Promotion: * Can be promoted to Technical Manager, Technical Director/Product Director, etc. Application: - CV in Word/PDF format (English) Job Requirement - Applicants must hold a university degree in computer science, information and communications technology or software engineering with an excellent, very good or good rank. - Applicants must be good in English, specifically in writing and reading skills. - MUST have experience in working with large web-based systems. - Applicants must be good at object-oriented programming concepts. Good knowledge and experience in design patterns; agile development methodology is a plus. - Be familiar with advanced web-based technical aspects such as: server side and client side caching, performance tuning, cloud-based techniques, multi-servers system, SSO techniques, etc. - 4-year+ experience in web development is required. - Applicants must be able to review and analyze others’ source code, measure performance, detect popular security issues such as SQL injection, XSS, etc. - Having experience in working with Unix-based OS, deploying web applications to remote servers is a plus. - Previous experience in development tools such as Jira, Wiki, etc. is an advantage. Work Place: Ho Chi Minh Salary Range: competitive Contact Person: Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Như Email: nhuntq@younetco.com ]]> /hvaonline/posts/list/42931.html#267104 /hvaonline/posts/list/42931.html#267104 GMT